An Ode To Pole - By Jade Custard | Member @ Inverted Fitness

We always love watching our members smash their goals, gain this new confidence and just support each other. We are so proud to say we have created a totally safe, friendly and drama free space. However THIS makes us super happy. Happy tears!!

Received this amazing "Ode To Pole" by the lovely and extremely talented Jade Custard. She can sign, write poetry, knit and do bridal hair.... none of them are her day job either!! "I meant every word, it really has changed me in all the ways, I'm so grateful for it. Tiny bit of peace and fun in my busy life" Jade Custard So everyone you must read this amazing Poem ... Check it Out An Ode to Pole

There's a common misconception

That pole's not for everyone

They say you must be skinny

In shape, or fit, or young.

I've heard people say it's 'slutty'

It is sexy, I'll admit

But degrading it is not

It is empowering and full of grit.

But let me tell you something

As I share with you, my story

Of why pole has changed my life

And how, in all it's glory.

As I stood aside the steel

Thighs bare in tiny shorts

My heart is racing hard

I'm overwhelmed with thoughts.

I'm not a tiny woman

My figure isn't slim

I've never stuck to exercise

Or even been inside a gym.

What if people laugh at me?

Or I fall and hurt myself?

How can hanging upside down

Be good for my health?

And suddenly, a moment came

My heart slowed it's pace

And all my fears had disappeared

Leaving only focus in its place.

A moment where I wasn't needed

For a second, I was free

From all life's woes and worries

Where all I thought about was me.

And greeted with smiles around me

Encouraging words repeated

A unity of pride

As my first move was completed.

2 years ago, a back injury

Almost took my legs, and yet

Pole gave me back my confidence

Through fun and strength and sweat.

I look back now and my heart is proud

As I continue to improve

And all because I took the plunge

When I tried that first move.

Those smiles from that first day

Now friends, I greet with joy

We are a unity of people

Together, doing what we enjoy.

A team where I belong

No judgement to be found

Just the echos of encouragement

As my feet leave the ground.

I'll never be skinny girl

But my body is weighing lighter

It bends in ways it never has

And my core is so much tighter.

My back will always be a battle

But my instructor helps me learn

What my body is capable of

Through every move and turn.

And most of all, above all else

It has helped me to control

A healthy state of mind

All thanks to learning pole.

Something I've come to realise,

That often can be forgot

That strength doesn't come from what you can do

But from what you thought you could not

An Ode To Pole By Jade Custard © : Member At inverted Fitness

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